Warm week ahead in many places following weekend's high temperatures

It’s going to be a warm week across New Zealand as temperatures continue to sit at unusually high levels for springtime.

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NIWA’s Ben Noll gives his thoughts after the third hottest temperature in November was recorded on November 3 in Kawerau. Source: Breakfast

Many regions across the country baked in temperatures above 30C yesterday, Kawerau in the Bay of Plenty recorded New Zealand's third hottest November temperature of all time with 34.5C.

NIWA forecaster, Ben Noll told TVNZ1’s Breakfast the warm weather is set to continue this week.

“It feels more like summer than it does late spring here and it’s going to get more humid as well so as we go through Thursday and Friday into the weekend, it’s going to get more muggy,” he says.

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Many regions baked in temperatures above 30 degrees and November records are set to be broken. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Noll says any given weather event has a climate change footprint and we can expect to have higher than normal temperatures over time.

“We expect more high temperature extremes to become more frequent as we go through time and this is a good example of that.

“So these 34’s we see in early November, well that’s going to become more common with time and look we’re seeing it already in 2019 so as we go through the next decade, this is just going to become more commonplace,” he says.

Mr Noll says the upper North Island will need to be wary of dryness.

"So focusing on Northland, where it has been very dry so far in 2019 - that theme could continue," he says. 

Auckland and the eastern parts of the North Island will also experience dry conditions.

The South Island however may be in for some heavy rain events, with possible flooding. 

"Enjoy the dry and warmth while you have it, because that might change," he says.