A 'warm and fuzzy' mini-budget that's fiscally responsible - 1 NEWS political team on Labour's first book-keeping effort

It was a "warm and fuzzy" first mini-budget outing for Grant Robertson today, which tackled a variety of social service shortfalls, while still meeting Labour's 100 day fiscal plan.

The 1 NEWS political team reflected on the Minister of Finance's first mini-budget, saying a surplus was achieved with "not a lot of little wiggle room" while providing a substantial $5.5 billion dollar families package.

"He (Robertson) needed to deliver a mini-budget that showed he could afford all of the promises, the coalition promises, squeeze it all into the book and make sure he came out with some surpluses out the end, and didn't blow out his debt target and he has done that," 1 NEWS political editor Corin Dann said.

Political reporter Andrea Vance said delivering on specific child poverty targets, was another noticeably ambitious aspect of the mini-budget.

"For me it's a feel good budget, they can deliver child poverty targets, a 48 per cent reduction in the number of kids in child poverty," Vance said.     

The $5.5 billion families package was achieveable by repealing National's tax cuts, freeing-up $8.36 billion, and leaving the Government an extra $2.84 billion to play with.

"That's the key thing. Labour have been striving to prove to everyone that they can be fiscally responsible," Vance said.

Corin, Andrea and Katie discuss Finance Minister Grant Robertson's big reveal. Source: 1 NEWS