War of words as Dirty Politics fallout continues

The twists are coming thick and fast in the fallout from the Dirty Politics book.

The twists have been coming thick and fast in the fallout from Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics book. Source: 1 NEWS

Speaking on TVNZ's Q+A programme this morning, the book's author, Nicky Hager, said his source was considering releasing some of the documents alleging high-level National Party dirty tricks.

That has put blogger Cameron Slater, who's said to have been in the thick of it all, on the attack.

Dirty Politics is based on thousands of emails hacked from Mr Slater's Whaleoil blog, and given to Mr Hager.

"Basically the book isn't about Cameron Slater. It's about the way that he gets used and involved by the National Party and the leaders to do their dirty work for them," Mr Hager told Q+A.

Mr Hager had been hoping to release at least some of the emails to answer concerns about allegations he makes in the book that claim covert smear tactics were happening at the National Party's highest levels, including Prime Minister John Key's office.

But he says he can't.

"I think what is going on with the source is that the source has decided that he is going to release the information, but not let me do it," Mr Hager said. 

"All of his arguments are really unraveling, aren't' they, Mr Key told reporters. "And the truth is Nicky Hager's made some things up and now he can't back them up."

It was just hours after that interview that blogger Cameron Slater then released texts between Kim Dotcom and his former bodyguard, Wayne Tempero.

Mr Slater alleges the texts suggest Kim Dotcom organised the hacking of his website.

"That is the link there that shows the police must investigate, the police must start questioning this," Mr Slater said.

Mr Dotcom has responded on Twitter, strongly denying the allegation, saying Mr Slater is a right-wing conspiracy theorist.

Mr Hager won't reveal the source of the emails, but insists it's not Dotcom. 

"Absolutely, categorically, nothing to do with it. And if it had been I would have said go to someone else," Mr Hager said.

The texts revealed by Mr Slater today are far from conclusive, and must be seen in the light of what is now a full-scale war Mr Slater is fighting against Mr Dotcom and Mr Hager.

"Well I think I've got more evidence than Nicky Hager has got. He's admitted and he's backtracked, he's been backtracking since the day that book was released," Mr Slater said.

It's a war that seems to be escalating by the day.