'I wanted to escape' - Millie Elder-Holmes reflects on year in Europe




Millie Elder-Holmes has a fresh perspective on life after a move to Europe made her realise she deserves happiness after she was "depressed and anxious".

The step-daughter of the late Sir Paul Holmes had to endure enormous grief over the past five years and on the anniversary of her move to Greece she took to Facebook to share all she has learnt. 

Ms Elder-Holmes' partner of seven years, Connor Morris, was murdered in a street fight in 2014, just two years after the loss of Holmes. 

The court has heard evidence around the death of Connor Morris, who died as a result of a street brawl in Auckland.
Source: 1 NEWS

Last year after facing public scrutiny and being unable to escape the spotlight, Ms Elder-Holmes decided to leave New Zealand and move to Greece, the homeland of her birth father.

"At the start I wanted to escape sadness and pressure after everything that happened after Connor passed and I wanted to reconnect with my family here," wrote Ms Elder-Holmes in a recent Facebook post on her page, Clean Eatz NZ.

Millie Elder-Holmes

In the post on Wednesday she reflected on the past year she's spent in Europe and what she has learnt from her grief. 

"It's taught me how to accept myself, that I deserve to be happy," she wrote.

"Getting some distance from your situation for anyone, regardless of something bad happening to you or not will open your eyes and give you perspective in some way or another and I highly encourage that."

She admitted that the distance had put a strain on her friendships and relationships but it has also shown her the people who are important will stay in her life regardless. 

"This past year I've gotten to know myself a lot, I've fallen in love with a place where life is simple," she wrote. 

The post has gained a large public response with over 6,000 likes and more than 300 comments. 

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