Want to use a drone at night? Soon you'll need permission

New rules to control drone use in New Zealand are designed to allow innovation to continue, according to the Transport Minister.

The Civil Aviation Authority has already investigated dozens of incidents involving UAVs this year. Source: 1 NEWS

The Civil Aviation Authority has already investigated 57 incidents involving drones in 2015. Source: Breakfast

The new regulations being outlined in Christchurch today will come into effect on August 1.

Drone operators are currently controlled by a Civil Aviation Rule (101) that is designed for model aircraft use.

The new rule (102) requires anyone who wants to use an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or drone) at night, or beyond the line of sight or above 400 feet, to get certification from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges says "UAVs are increasingly popular in a wide variety of operations including scientific research , agriculture, fire-fighting, film and video production, as well as search and rescue.”

He says the changes bring a clear responsive process that ensures no unnecessary red tape and he is committed to keeping regulations flexible enough to accommodate growth of new technologies.