Want to know how Kim Dotcom got his last name?

Kim Dotcom has revealed in court that his fitting surname is all thanks to his estranged wife.

The internet entrepreneur has disclosed the bizarre way in which he acquired his adopted name. Source: 1 NEWS

Pressed about his name during a hearing at the Auckland District Court this week, the internet entrepreneur disclosed the bizarre way in which he acquired his adopted name.

"I married Mona and I took her name and that's how I became Kim Dotcom," he said.

According to Dotcom, he encouraged his wife Mona to seek adoption from a man with the surname Dotcom. Then, after marrying in the Philippines, he applied to take his wife's name.

"They looked at Mona's birth certificate and said that her father, who is actually an Omani citizen, has never acknowledged Mona as his child," Dotcom told the court.

"If the Dotcom gentleman would acknowledge her to be his child then she could take this man's name."

The 40-year-old has spent the last two days in court. The Crown alleges he breached his bail conditions.

At a preliminary hearing last week, Judge Nevin Dawson imposed extra bail conditions on Dotcom, restricting his movements to within 80 kilometres of his Coatesville mansion and banning him from travel in a boat or helicopter. He is also required to report daily to police.

The Crown claims he has breached bail conditions by having indirect contact with one of his accused; that he is a flight risk because he has the money to skip the country and that he has been dishonest about his finances by trying to sell a $500,000 Rolls Royce in London.

Dotcom's defence lawyer Ron Mansfield denied that his client had breached bail and said the Crown had made a faulty application. He will continue with his defence on Monday.

The United States is seeking to have Dotcom extradited to the country to face copyright charges.