'I want to make sure it's not politicised' – Jacinda Ardern on Labour's carbon neutral target

Jacinda Ardern won't reveal a target date to which the Labour Party would commit New Zealand to becoming carbon neutral by, saying an independent carbon commission had to guide their time frame.

Ms Ardern said Labour will commit to a carbon neutral date for NZ, but would not say if this would be before the election. Source: Breakfast

Speaking to Jack Tame on TVNZ 1's Breakfast today, Ms Ardern would not say whether the Labour Party would set a baseline carbon neutral date for New Zealand before the September election.

"With the carbon commission, that independent body, we want them to sit down and look at how we make sure we ease the path for those exposed industries, and we want that independent group to help us with that," Ms Ardern said.

Asked when New Zealand would be carbon neutral by, Ms Ardern said "some of the expectations the Greens have said I think sound about right".

Ms Ardern shares her thoughts on the possibility Mr Peters' overpayment information was leaked by someone in government. Source: Breakfast

However, Ms Ardern would not explicitly state whether this would be by 2050 - the Green's desired target.

"I do want that independent scientific basis in order to set that," Ms Ardern said.

Whether an independent carbon commission would set a recommended date for New Zealand to be carbon neutral by before the election was not clarified by Ms Ardern. 

"We will have a target but I want to make sure that it's not politicised, that we have that independent view and they hold us to account," she said.