'I want to give back the kindness that I got' - Kiwi mum turns successful parenting blog into book

Two years ago a sleep deprived mum-of-two was once again awake in the middle of the night soothing a crying baby when she wrote a note online about the struggles of motherhood.

Emily Writes has penned her first parenting book two years after starting a blog from home in the middle of the night. Source: Breakfast

That post became an instant viral hit with over a million views in one night.

From that night Emily Writes began her brutally honest blog on parenting which has now been turned into a book titled Rants in the Dark.

Ms Writes' book is an open and honest dialogue on the struggles of being a mum and learning it's okay not to be in love with every single moment of motherhood.

Speaking to Breakfast this morning, Ms Writes said her online fame has introduced her to thousands of mums feeling the same way as her.

"I've never met a mum who just doesn't want to try their hardest to do this well."

Swarmed with advice, Ms Writes says mums are just "trying to do their very best" for their children.

She says her book is about giving back to the parenting community and making mums feel less alone.

"A lot of people have helped me and that is why I write.

"I want to give back the kindness that I got."