Wall-to-wall shoppers flock to stores in hopes of a bargain on Boxing Day

Wall-to-wall shoppers have flocked to stores today in the hope of a bargain this Boxing Day - a welcome sight for retailers after a tough year.

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The crowds are a welcome sight for retailers after a tough year. Source: 1 NEWS

“We actually got what we didn’t want, but we still got it,” one couple said.

Some Auckland shoppers hoped to get presents Santa didn’t deliver, with shoes, socks, pants and shirts all on the agenda.

While stores were quieter in central Otago, the deals were just as good, with satisfied shoppers leaving with a range of items, including a pool, remote control car, chocolates and lollies.

Today’s deals provided a much-needed boost for shop owners.

“We opened at 8 this morning and we have people waiting for us to open,” Sylvia Park centre manager Helen Ronald said.

Ronald said it makes up for the time the mall was unable to have customers in.

“It's been a tough year for retailers because obviously, those lockdowns just make it really hard,” she said.

Retail New Zealand’s Greg Harford said it’s been “busy right around the country, so that’s good news for retail”.

Shoppers were out in full force today, but they’ve been warned to carefully consider the discounts on offer. PriceSpy found while almost half of all products were reduced on Boxing Day last year, almost one-fifth of all items increased in price.

Stock held up at the ports amid the Covid-19 pandemic is continuing to be an issue, however.

“There's a lot of product that's still on the water, or been unable to be offloaded onto the ports and that's the product that everyone's waiting for,” Harford said.

Most of the Boxing Day sales are expected to continue for the next few days and into next week.