'Walk away' - Police issue warning to partygoers after two men mown down by car in Auckland

Auckland police are warning revellers they must take responsibility for their own actions in the wake of a fracas that saw two men moved down by a car early this morning in Panmure.

Investigators say it appears a fight at a party was the trigger for the violence. Source: 1 NEWS

Investigators said it appears a fight at a party was the trigger for the violence, which left both young men hospitalised, one with critical head injuries.

The two young men were taken to hospital after the incident at around 1:30am this morning where it appears a car deliberately drove into a mob fighting in the middle of the road.

Detective senior sergeant Geoff Baber said: "It is a serious incident to involve a vehicle in assaulting people."

18-year-old Maria said trouble started when gatecrashers arrived at a house where she was attending a family gathering.

"After the boys tried to get into the house we all got locked inside the garage, all the kids."

Maria said fighting broke out and all the members of her family went out onto the street to stop it.

"I just heard screaming, but I never heard anybody get hit. Just heaps of screaming, heaps of glass smashing."

Police said they arrived to a tense and chaotic scene early this morning, where they found dozens of people they described as "intoxicated".

A member of the public helped police to locate the car they believe was involved and it is not at the centre of forensic testing.

Detective Baber said people have to take responsibility for their own actions.

"In this case, it's completely over the top, completely unwarranted.

"Walk away from situations, don’t cause aggravation and just turn the other cheek. Much better than ending up as our two victims have in hospital."

Police will not discuss charges until they have talked to the driver of the badly damaged car.