Waikato homicides: Vehicle of interest sought in Huntly homicide investigation

Police are asking the public for help locating a vehicle as they investigate a homicide in Huntly, one of three recent homicide investigations that fall within the Waikato region.

Huntly man Wayne Noda was found dead at his home on June 30, and police believe his injuries were inflicted during an assault.

Police are asking the public for sightings of a dark blue 2001 Nissan Skyline, registration number KAM195 as part of the investigation.

Police say there is more than one gang involved in the three homicide investigations currently taking place in the Waikato region.

Speaking at a press conference today, Detective Inspector Graham Pitkethley said they were "targeted attacks" and the general community isn't in danger.

While Detective Pitkethley refused to name the gangs connected to the homicides, he assured that police have not heard talk of retaliations in the gang community.

James Casson, who is now a Hamilton Council member, says a hui between gangs, police and council could help alleviate tensions. Source: 1 NEWS

However, a former police officer turned Hamilton Council member, James Casson, says the three Waikato homicides have seen an "unusual" number of patched gang members on the streets of Hamilton and the deaths appear to "have stirred them up".

He suggested a hui between gangs, police and council could help alleviate tensions. 

Superintendent Bruce Bird says at this stage police are treating the three murders since June 30 as separate investigations. Source: Breakfast