AT votes to lower speed limits on many Auckland roads

Auckland Transport has voted to implement a bylaw which will lower speed limits on many Auckland roads, except those not categorised as high risk and where there is a significant preference for the status quo.

More than 11,700 submissions were received on the proposed bylaw to slow down motorists.

The proposed bylaw to reduce speeds on high risk rural, urban and residential roads is a bid to stop death and injuries.

The number of fatalities on Auckland roads increased to 64 in 2017 - a 78 percent rise in three years - and 749 people were seriously injured.

The proposals include a new 30 km/h speed limit for all of downtown Auckland.

Check which roads are affected on AT's interactive map

Earlier, Barb Cuthbert from Bike Auckland said she hoped Auckland Transport would adopt all of the proposed reduced speeds.

"I don't want to end up with a situation like we have now in Auckland, whereby Ponsonby Road is 40 km/h, Queen Street is 30 km/h, the roads around them are 50 km/h - it's a hotchpotch," she told Nine to Noon.

But transport firm Freightways chief executive Mark Troughear did not want speed limits in the central city to be lowered.

"The information we've got - and this is from GPS tracking vehicles in and out and around the CBD - says that if you implement a 30 km/h speed limit you'll cause a considerable [increase] in transit time, and that leads to a pretty chunky loss in productivity," he told Nine to Noon.

Auckland Transport's board of directors made the decision this afternoon.

Traffic jam in Auckland. Source: