Vote Compass: Who'd do the best job at managing the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic?

It’s already been labelled the Covid-19 election, and voters are weighing up who is best placed at managing the country’s next steps.

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More than 100,000 people have used TVNZ's Vote Compass tool this year and the latest data shows support is high for the Labour leader. Source: 1 NEWS

TVNZ’s Vote Compass tool asked voters out of Jacinda Ardern and Judith Collins, “who would do the best job in terms of managing the Covid-19 pandemic?”

Sixty-four per cent said Jacinda Ardern and 20 per cent said Judith Collins.

The rest said neither or didn’t know.

University of Auckland’s Dr Danny Osborne researches political psychology.

“The one thing that might be surprising is that she’s (Jacinda Ardern) standing so well given the recent outbreak,” he said.

“In that sense it’s a strong representation of people’s support for Jacinda.”

Support for the Labour leader is also high amongst undecided voters, with 70 per cent saying they thought she’d to the best job in terms of managing the pandemic.

However, Dr Osborne warns that could change.

“It’s really Jacinda’s thing to lose if another outbreak (were) to occur.”

Breaking it down

Looking at those respondents who said they intended to vote National, only 48 per cent of them said they thought Judith Collins would do the best job.

Twenty-six per cent of those intending to vote National supported Jacinda Ardern when asked the same question.

The remaining 27 per cent said neither or didn’t know.

To take part in Vote Compass, a survey tool which shows users how their views match up with party policies, go to

Developed by a team of social and statistical scientists from Vox Pop Labs, Vote Compass is a civic engagement application offered in New Zealand exclusively by TVNZ. The findings are based on 44,703 respondents who participated in Vote Compass from August 30, 2020 to September 3, 2020.

Unlike online opinion polls, respondents to Vote Compass are not pre-selected. Similar to opinion polls, however, the data are a non-random sample from the population and have been weighted in order to approximate a representative sample. Vote Compass data have been weighted by gender, age, education, language, region and past vote to ensure the sample’s composition reflects that of the actual population of New Zealand according to census data and other population estimates.