Vote Compass: Who Kiwis thought won the final TVNZ leaders' debate




The latest Vote Compass results have shown Kiwis' thoughts on who came out on top in the final leaders' debate.

There were fireworks during the leaders debate over a key part of the election campaign.
Source: 1 NEWS

National's Bill English emerged victorious according to the results, with a close win of just five per cent above Labour's Jacinda Ardern.

Watch the entire debate here. 

Source: 1 NEWS

The findings are based on 5,778 Vote Compass participants who responded after the 1 NEWS leaders' debate on Wednesday. 

So far 445,343 people have completed the online election tool.

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Forty-one per cent of voters thought English won, compared to 36 per cent who thought Ardern won the debate.

Victoria University's professor Jack Vowles said he thought the differences between undecided and decided voters, and the difference between ages showed the most interesting results. 

The split between undecided and decided voters showed the decided voter favouring Bill English at 43 per cent, and Jacinda Ardern at 36 per cent. 

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Undecided voters thought Ardern defeated English, (29 per cent to 15 per cent), but the majority (56 per cent) didn't know who won. 

"The data presumably reflects the shift back to National in the polls (or more National decided voters tending to respond)," he said.

"So people who have already made their minds up tend to perceive the leader of the party they prefer doing the best."

Broken down into age groups, the results showed the split in age groups over who won the debate.

Source: 1 NEWS

Source: 1 NEWS

Forty-five per cent of 18-29 thought Ardern won, with age groups decreasing in support until only 30 per cent of those 65+ considered the debate a win for Jacinda.

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It was the opposite for English, starting with a 49 per cent support base of 65+, decreasing to a 28 per cent support from those 18-29. 

Males viewed English winning over Ardern (47 per cent to female's 36 per cent), and more females thought Ardern won (39 per cent to male's 32 per cent).  

Over half of Maori voters thought Jacinda won (52 per cent) compared to 28 per cent supporting Bill. Thirty-three per cent of people with no Maori decent thought Jacinda won, and 44 per cent thought Bill won.

Source: 1 NEWS

Source: 1 NEWS

Take the Vote Compass tool here. 

Developed by a team of social and statistical scientists from Vox Pop Labs, Vote Compass is a civic engagement application offered in New Zealand exclusively by TVNZ. The findings are based on 5,778 respondents who participated in Vote Compass after the leaders’ debate hosted by 1 NEWS on Wednesday September 20 and who indicated that they watched the debate.

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