Vote Compass: What Kiwis think about private companies disclosing pay of males and females for the same work

The latest Vote Compass results have shown Kiwis' thoughts on the requirement for private companies to disclose how much female and male employees are paid for the same work, with an academic saying the findings "highlight how easy it is for society to reinforce inequality". 

The findings are based on 224,368 participants of Vote Compass from August 20, 2017 to September 18, 2017.

VOTE COMPASS pay gap overall
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So far 435,458 people have completed the online election tool.

Despite the majority of responders agreeing private companies should disclose how much male and female employees are paid for the same work (57 per cent, compared to only 25 per cent who disagreed), the results between male and females were starkly different. 

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Senior Research Fellow at AUT University Dr Lisa Chant said gender pay disclosure was more popular with females (70 per cent of women agreed, compared to 42 per cent of men), with more males against the idea than females (36 per cent of men disagree compared to 14 per cent of women). 

Senior lecturer at University of Auckland Dr Danny Osborne said the results showed that "without going against the current norm and disclosing pay differences, inequality will go unchallenged".

This is in relation to the gender pay gap in New Zealand. 

"Women seem to recognise this, yet men are trying to reinforce the status quo of not discussing pay."

He said the issue of the gender pay disclosure was "intimately connected" with the Vote Compass question of gender equality in parliament

When the results were broken down into genders, it showed 41 per cent of men disagreed with MP gender equality, with only 21 per cent of women disagreeing with the question.

Flipped around, 40 per cent of women agreed with MP gender equality, compared to only 19 per cent of men. 

"Women are likely picking up in the inequity in politics, whereas men may be using a gender-blind ideology to justify their position (I.e, 'I don't see gender; I just want the best person')," Dr Osborne said.

"In reality, this gender-blind ideology just maintains and reinforces inequities between men and women."

However a male who completed Vote Compass and was against gendered pay disclosure of private companies said he would be for the idea "if there is an independent assessment team from government that audits businesses", or if companies revealed the percentage of pay between genders rather than the actual pay figure. 

Another male who disagreed said there could be a government "committee that looks into it for pay gap", but pay details shouldn't be made public knowledge.

Dr Chant said other areas of interest in the gender pay disclosure results was the similarities of young (18-29) and older (65+) voters, both the highest age groups in favour at 62 per cent with disclosing how much male and female employees are paid for the same work.

VOTE COMPASS pay gap age
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VOTE COMPASS pay gap income
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The differences between income earners also provided insight into the disparity of voters' views. 

"The majority of over $60k income earners said no, but those earning less than $60k had 62 per cent saying yes," Dr Chant said.

Complete the Vote Compass tool. 

Developed by a team of social and statistical scientists from Vox Pop Labs, Vote Compass is a civic engagement application offered in New Zealand exclusively by TVNZ. The findings are based on 119,845 respondents who participated in Vote Compass from August 20, 2017 to August 30, 2017. Unlike online opinion polls, respondents to Vote Compass are not pre-selected. Similar to opinion polls, however, the data are a non-random sample from the population and have been weighted in order to approximate a representative sample. Vote Compass data have been weighted by gender, age, education, religion, occupation, and Maori descent to ensure the sample’s composition reflects that of the actual population of New Zealand according to census data and other population estimates.

The minister for women promises the government will work up a plan to close the gender pay gap.
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Russell McVeagh bars partner from workplace amid claim of 'inappropriate comments'

The law firm Russel McVeagh, which has already been at the centre of complaints of sexual harassment and inappropriate sexual conduct, now says it is investigating a complaint of a partner making inappropriate comments while attending a client event under the influence of alcohol.

In a statement this evening, Chair Malcolm Crotty confirmed a partner has been restricted from the workplace while an independent investigation is underway.

"The seriousness with which we are treating this investigation confirms our commitment to building a culture of trust and transparency," Mr Crotty said.

"Everyone in the organisation knows what is expected of them and we will not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour.

"We expect to make a more detailed statement following the outcome of the investigation in the next 10 working days," he said.

In July, a report found Russell McVeagh had a culture involving "excessive drinking" and at times involving "crude, drunken and sexually inappropriate behaviour".

The external review by Dame Margaret Bazley investigated complaints of sexual harassment and inappropriate sexual conduct made by five female clerks who were employed by the law firm during the summer of 2015-2016.

The report outlined the alleged incidents which included a male partner trying to kiss and touch four clerks at a Christmas party. The male partner and another male solicitor were also accused of inappropriate sexual conduct at two other events in following weeks.

Dame Margaret said Russel McVeagh failed to investigate the incidents and the firm "did not establish what happened to whom" and "did not understand the gravity of the situation".

The poor management of the complaints led to serious consequences for the people involved and the clerks losing faith in the legal profession, Dame Margaret said.

Review of law firm Russell McVeagh finds excessive drinking culture
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Oamaru residents 'disgusted' by anti-1080 vandalism to town's welcome sign

Oamaru's welcome sign has been vandalised with an anti-1080 slogan.

Photos posted to Facebook show the stone monument with the words "f*ck 1080" written in graffiti.

It's not known when the sign was damaged.

Gary Kircher, spokesman for the Waitaki District Council, told 1 NEWS the vandalism "crossed the line".

"Action was taken as quickly as possible to clean off the mess, and unfortunately, our ratepayers have to foot the bill for this wanton vandalism," he said.

He said the phones had been ringing "off the hook" with residents "disgusted" by the vandalism.

Mr Kircher said "to have this damage done to our welcome sign beggars belief!"

The sign was erected around 18 years ago at the southern end of Oamaru on State Highway 1

The vandalism is off the back of a recent spike in anti-1080 protests.

Just two weeks ago anti-1080 activists put dead birds, including kererū and weka on the steps of Parliament, claiming they were poisoned by the toxin.

Graffiti painted on the Oamaru town sign.
Graffiti painted on the Oamaru town sign. Source: Supplied


Colin Craig sought out Rachel MacGregor in 'irregular and inappropriate ways' court told

Colin Craig is being accused of seeking out Rachel MacGregor’s company in "irregular and inappropriate ways".

The former Conservative Party leader and his former press secretary are suing each other for defamation at the High Court in Auckland.

MacGregor's lawyer Hayden Wilson said Craig sent MacGregor a series of letters, cards and poems, and gave her gifts of jewellery.

He claims that Craig had sought out MacGregor's company in "irregular and inappropriate ways".

Mr Wilson said MacGregor came to the view "that was sexual harassment, and left her job", just days before the 2014 election.

She filed a sexual harassment complaint against Craig, and the pair reached an out of court settlement which included a confidentiality agreement.

But Mr Wilson said rather than wait for the media interest to abate, Craig held a press conference and introduced an "entirely new set of information that was carefully curated by him".

The court heard that Craig tried to cast himself in the best possible light, while trying to damage MacGregor.

MacGregor responded with a media release and a tweet.

Hayden Wilson said Colin Craig then doubled down on media interest by sending a letter repeating the claims of defamation to 8000 Conservative Party members, along with a press release which identified Rachel MacGregor.

Ms MacGregor's lawyer says only her client can say whether she is happy with the sum awarded by the Human Rights Tribunal.
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Powerball winners claim $7.2 million Silverdale prize after having ticket in drawer for 11 days

Silverdale's missing millionaires have come forward and claimed their $7.2 million Powerball prize almost two weeks after their big win. 

The couple, who Lotto say they wish to remain anonymous, first heard the jackpot had been struck just days after the draw and joked they might be the winners but didn't actually check their ticket.

"The win was all over Facebook, so you really couldn't miss it. When my husband asked if I’d heard that a big Powerball prize had been won, I grabbed the ticket out of my handbag and waved it in front of him and jokingly said, 'Yip - this is the winning ticket',” said the winner. 

But instead of checking the ticket, the winner simply tucked the little yellow piece of paper back in a drawer along with a pile of old Lotto tickets.  

As the week went on, the couple took some time to imagine what they'd do if they really did have the winning ticket - all while the $7.2 million ticket was safely squirreled away.

"We talked about it throughout the week here and there - what we'd do, who we'd help… that kind of thing. We had a bit of a lucky feeling about our ticket but nothing serious enough to actually check it," laughed the winner. 

It wasn’t until the winner went to the shops at the weekend that she finally got around to checking the lucky ticket - and she discovered just how much it was worth. 

"I was going to the shops anyway, so thought I’d dig out the pile of tickets I had tucked in a drawer. As I checked them, I had a few small wins here and there - and then I scanned this ticket and saw 'First Division winner' appear on the screen," said the winner. 

Not wanting to claim the prize without her husband, she jumped back in the car and headed home to find out just how lucky they had become. 

"I kept telling myself that it would just be a small prize - a nice little win. I was doing everything I could to just keep calm and get home," said the winner. 

"Then I looked the results up online and checked them against my ticket - the winning line jumped out at me and I popped a little star beside it. Not that I really needed to - I’ll never forget what it looked like."

When the winner’s husband arrived home, she said she had something to show him and handed over their iPad along with the winning ticket.

"We looked at each other and it kind of felt like confirmation - we’d been talking about it all week, then there it was, as real as anything. It was a totally surreal moment, but also felt right," said the winner’s husband.  

With the winnings now safely in their bank account, the lucky couple are looking forward to working out what to do with their winnings. 

"We’re going to take our time - we feel very lucky and want to make sure the winnings last, both for us and our kids," the winner said. 

The winning Powerball ticket for the Wednesday 12 September Lotto draw was sold at Pak'nSave Silverdale, in north Auckland.

Lotto players around the country have been on a winning streak lately, and with a $2.5 million Powerball prize from Hastings yet to be claimed, Lotto NZ is urging players to check their tickets.  

The unclaimed $2.5 million Powerball winning ticket was purchased at Countdown Hastings for the draw on Wednesday, September 19. 

Anyone who bought their ticket from Countdown Hastings should write their name on the back of the ticket and check it immediately at any Lotto outlet, online at or through the Lotto NZ App. 

The winning $7.2 million Lotto Powerball ticket. Source: Supplied