Volunteers upset vendor dumped clothes at 'zero waste' Splore festival

Festival-goers are voicing outrage after a photo emerged of a used recycled clothing store's stock dumped at Auckland's Splore festival last weekend.

Festival-goers are outraged after Recycle Boutique Auckland left clothing behind at Splore, a zero waste festival. Source: Supplied

The boutique music and arts festival took place in Auckland's Tapapakanga Park over three days and Recycle Boutique Auckland was one of the vendors.

A worker at Splore took a photo of a pile of clothes, bags and coat hangers appearing to be dumped by Recycle Boutique on the day vendors were meant to clean up.

The festival worker, who does not wish to be named, shared the image to Recycle Boutique Auckland's Facebook page explaining disappointment with the store.

She told 1 NEWS NOW she is yet to get a response from the store, but hopes to because it was a bad sight and does not live up to their sustainable values.

Splore aims to be a zero waste festival and tries to be as "low impact as possible" on both the park and the planet, a festival spokesperson said.

She said they encourage festival-goers to leave the festival with everything they took in, as a way to reduce rubbish, they even stopped selling water in plastic bottles this year.

So the news of clothes being dumped and left behind was "naturally very disappointing" for hard-working volunteers at the festival.

Splore has since been in contact with Recycle Boutique, who were "extremely apologetic" over the incident.

The spokesperson said she has been talking with the store to make sure it doesn't happen again if they choose to be vendors again.

The park was muddy during the festival making it difficult for vendors to move stock and trucks, which could have been a contributing factor, said the spokesperson.

Recycle Boutique have been asked for a comment.

By 1 NEWS NOW Reporter Millie McCaughan