Voluntary euthanasia bill won't be debated before election




David Seymour's voluntary euthanasia bill won't be debated before parliament is dissolved on August 22.

The ACT leader says it's good Parliament's health select committee has scotched conspiracy theories about euthanasia.
Source: 1 NEWS

Yesterday was the last member's bill day before dissolution and it was nowhere near the top of the agenda for a first reading.

When the End of Life Bill bill was drawn from the ballot in June Mr Seymour suspected there would be delaying tactics.

He knew neither of the main parties wanted the polarising, controversial issue of voluntary euthanasia to get in the way of their election campaigns.

"I suspect you will find MPs will find enormous passion for enormously important bills they've previously never heard of," he said.

The bill proposes allowing voluntary euthanasia under strict conditions.

Whether it gets past it's first reading will be decided by a conscience vote in the next parliament.

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