Vodafone unveils latest employee - an artificial intelligence simulation called Kiri

Vodafone have unveiled their newest employee - a 3D rendered computer simulation called "Kiri".

Kiri will initially be available for customers to top up their pre-pay accounts in store, but with time she will learn to do more things.

The technology behind Kiri was created by New Zealand company FaceMe on their "Intelligent Digital Human" platform.

Vodafone External Communications Advisor Meera Kaushik said "Kiri is based on a blend of ethnicities and definitely has Māori as part of her make up".

The technology is able to sense the emotions of the customer, and respond accordingly.

Three other New Zealand companies have already adopted similar technology - ANZ Bank with Jamie, ASB with Josie and Air New Zealand with Sophie.

Kiri is expected to be rolled out in two Vodafone stores before Christmas.

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Kiri will initially be able to help people top up their account, but in time will learn to do more things as well.