Vodafone offers 2000 employees redundancy

Vodafone's offering more than 2,000 of its staff the opportunity to take redundancy.

The company is looking to review all areas of the business as they undertake the design of a new operating model that would improve their commercial performance.

The only people who haven't been offered voluntary redundancy are around 600 frontline staff who work in call centres and retail stores.

Vodafone says they shared this information with all Vodafone staff in December.

“In February, all Vodafone NZ staff, with the exception of front line call centre and retail team members, were invited to express interest in voluntary redundancy.” Vodafone said in a statement.

“As we work through the applications of those who expressed interest, we will be making decisions based on maintaining or improving our customer service.”

This process is still ongoing.

The design of the company’s new operating model will be finalised and communicated to everyone by the end of the month.

“It’s worth noting that while some business units may propose new models and enter consultation ahead of others, there are interdependencies across team structures.”

Vodafone staff will have full visibility of the new operating model across the company at this time.

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The offer comes as the telco looks to move some of its operations off shore. Source: 1 NEWS