Vodafone employees to get Friday afternoons off for rest of summer

Around 2000 Vodafone NZ employees will be able to ditch the office for the beach on Fridays, with the telecommunications company announcing half-day Fridays for the rest of summer.

Source: Breakfast

In an internal memo, supplied to 1 NEWS today, Vodafone says people will be able to finish up from 2pm onwards on Fridays and head home early as part of the "summer hours" programme.

"Summer hours will be in effect from Friday 24 January through to Friday 28 February, so – if work allows – we’re encouraging you and your team members to finish up from 2pm onwards on Friday afternoons," the memo says.

"We hope you’ll make the most of the extra time – perhaps escape the city for the weekend, pick up the kids from school and head to the beach, or maybe catch up with friends and family around the BBQ."

People rostered on Friday afternoons will still have to work as usual, but get a day in lieu instead to be used at another time.

This will impact staff such as those working in call centres, a Vodafone NZ spokesperson told 1 NEWS.

Vodafone NZ says it's not about skiving off early but "working efficiently throughout the week".

"[So] you’re able to wrap up any current work and leave the office after 2pm on Fridays to enjoy more of the great Kiwi summer."

Staff were told at lunchtime today.