Vodafone apologises for PlayStation 5 promotion that overcharged customers

Vodafone has apologised to customers who've purchased the latest PlayStation gaming console after some were slapped with extra bills.

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Other customers were left wondering when their console would arrive. Source: 1 NEWS

In one case a customer was forced to wait for nearly a fortnight before they were refunded.

After forking out nearly $820 for a console, one customer was shocked to discover the telco had charged him another $99.

“They are a giant telecommunication company here in New Zealand. You don't expect such a thing,” customer Harry said.

After 11 days of calling and emailing he was finally refunded.

He’s not alone, others have also been complaining about being overcharged.

Vodafone says some were overcharged due to a technical issue.

“We absolutely apologise to customers that have experienced any issues around PlayStation 5 and our presales - we're looking to remediate and deliver on those PS5s by the 15th of December,” Vodafone’s Carolyn Leuy says.

Some Vodafone customers thought they were ordering consoles already in stock, not realising they'd have to wait for them to arrive.

However, Vodafone disagrees.

“It was a pre-order - that was clearly labelled on the email we sent out to customers as well as throughout the journey - but I think customers were in such a rush to get their hands on a PS5 that sometimes they didn't read all the notifications,” a Vodafone spokesperson says.

Gamers will now have to be patient as their consoles arrive.