Visitors to Te Papa Museum last Saturday asked to consider self-isolating

Visitors to Wellington's Te Papa Museum have been asked to consider their movements last Saturday after three passengers from a visiting cruise ship tested positive for Covid-19.

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Some passengers from the Ruby Princess cruise ship were at the museum that day. Source: 1 NEWS

The Princess Cruises-operated Ruby Princess ship returned to Sydney on Thursday with 1100 crew and 2700 passengers on board. Fifty-six of those passengers are thought to be New Zealanders, according to the New Zealand Ministry of Health.

Today, Te Papa issued a statement saying that there were "a number of tours exclusively for Ruby Princess passengers, and two tours which likely included a mix of Ruby Princess passengers and other visitors. Additional Ruby Princess passengers came to the museum as visitors but didn’t take a guided tour."

Three people on cruise ship that visited NZ test positive for coronavirus in Australia

"As well as advising visitors, Te Papa is requiring staff who were within one metre of a Te Papa visitor for 15 minutes or more on Saturday 14 March to self-isolate until 29 March. This will include all tour guides from that day," the statement said.

In addition, If you were on the “Introducing Te Papa tour” at 10.15 or 11am on Saturday 14 March or within a metre of a Te Papa visitor for 15 minutes or more on Saturday 14 March, you need to seek advice and consider self-isolating until 29 March.

This follows new direct advice to Te Papa from the Ministry of Health about the Ruby Princess cruise ship.

Chief Executive Courtney Johnston said Te Papa would do everything it could to get information and support to visitors and staff.

“We will do everything we can to support people, and get them all the information and help they need.”

“Te Papa hosts and tour guides love our visitors and they love sharing Te Papa with the world, it is really tough to realise that in doing their job, they may have been exposed to Covid-19.”