Visitors signing stones on remote West Coast beach widely considered 'vandalism'




Thousands of visitors have written their names on ocean-polished stones on a remote south Westland beach, but many people consider the growing trend to be vandalism.

A trend of people decorating ocean stones at Bruce Bay on the West Coast has divided locals whether it is beautiful or destructive.
Source: Seven Sharp

Seven Sharp reported people from all over the world have used permanent markers to sign their names, dates and the countries they're from on the white stones on the beach at Bruce Bay.

They've been inspired by nature to leave their signature.

One woman from overseas visiting the beach said her motive in writing on a rock was to "bring one more culture to this place so that more tourists will come here".

The programme reported that a poll found 85 per cent of respondents thought the practice was vandalism.

For those who prefer to see nature untouched, the permanent marker wasn't permanent on some of the stones, as the visitors' signatures had disappeared from them under the effects of the sun's rays.

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