Video: 'You could pay the ultimate sacrifice' - Chief of Defence Force pays Anzac Day tribute to our people serving overseas




Chief of Defence Force Lieutenant General Tim Keating paid tribute to New Zealand Defence Force personnel who are spending their Anzac Day while currently serving overseas, and spoke of the psychological and safety challenges they face. 

Lieutenant General Tim Keating compares the horrors and perils of previous wars to the challenges Defence Force personnel face today.
Source: Breakfast

He spoke of the 230 Defence Force personnel across 14 operations in 10 countries that will be spending Anzac Day on foreign shores. 

Speaking on TVNZ 1's Breakfast today Mr Keating said: "We have lots of young, mainly young New Zealanders serving in all places around the world trying to be that force for good to bring peace, the peace we enjoy in New Zealand that many others don't have," he said. 

He said today would be significant for those people, "because in that spirit of service they're away from their famillies". 

Lieutenant General Keating said people faced horrors and perils while fighting in previous wars, "but yet our people today face similar sorts of psychological challenges, and challenges to their own safety".

"There is an understanding of the sacrifice you're making, you could pay the ultimate sacrifice."

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