Video: 'They're definitely feeling the pressure' – Government 'wee bit' unprepared for entering power

As the Briefings for Incoming Minister documents were released yesterday, some of the information took the Government by surprise with the realisation getting policies and promises through the House is actually "a lot harder to do". 

1 NEWS' political reporter Katie Bradford said on TVNZ1's Breakfast this morning the Labour-NZ First-Green side was "a bit under prepared for Government". 

The new information comes in a briefing to the new Housing Minister, Phil Twyford. Source: 1 NEWS

"They had a whole lot of ideas, a whole lot of promises they made, well intended, but it is a lot harder to do it."

"Once you're in Government and you have to act on it and you've got officials telling you actually you can't do that…We've seen some big problems in the House."

"They're definitely feeling the pressure," Ms Bradford said, with the massive amount of promises due by February 3 - 100 says since they took power. 

1 NEWS' political reporter Katie Bradford says it is harder being in government than having to actually act on promises and ideas. Source: Breakfast