Video: 'That's a whale!' – fancy catching a 12kg snapper? Then get yourself to 90 Mile beach


The biggest snapper fishing competition in the world kicks off this morning at Ninety Mile Beach in the Far North with fishers from all over the globe competing.

Over 800 people are trying their luck at Snapper Bonanza Surf Casting Competition in the Far North.
Source: Breakfast

This year's Snapper Bonanza will see 826 surf casters scattered along the coastline over the next five days all hoping to catch the big one.

Hundreds of people have positioned themselves along 90 Mile Beach for the contest.
Source: 1 NEWS

It's the 35th annual event and this year has a record number of participants, 70 per cent of them are from out of town.

Forty contestants have travelled from Australia, there's a team from South Africa and other international visitors include Germans, Austrians, Canadians and fishermen from the United Kingdom.

Ninety Mile Beach Snapper Bonanza.

Ninety Mile Beach Snapper Bonanza.

Source: 1 NEWS

The event pumps upwards of $8 million into the local community.

The heaviest fish earns the winner $30,000, last year that was an 8.2kg snapper caught by a man in Napier but the heaviest on record was caught in 2012 and weighed more than 12kg.

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