Video: 'Such an unspeakable thing' - US tourist speaks of anguish at being drugged and assaulted by Kaitaia lodge owner


An American tourist has spoken of his anguish after learning he'd been drugged and indecently assaulted by the owner of a Kaitaia backpackers' lodge.

The victim says he felt 'dirty and gross' after being attacked by Michael Harris, whose sentencing today was delayed.
Source: 1 NEWS

The man, who can't be identified, travelled back to New Zealand for the sentencing of Michael Harris in the High Court at Whangarei.

While the sentencing has been delayed as prosecutors argue their case for the forfeiture of the lodge, the victim says he has had some closure by delivering his victim impact report in person.

Seeing Harris cry in court made him feel a "little bit sad and a little bit mad".

The victim described waking to find Harris in his bed after drinking a tequila concoction prepared by the then 56-year-old owner of the Main Street Lodge.

He felt fuzzy and didn't know what was going on.

After returning to the US he heard of Harris' arrest in 2014 through some Facebook friends, and felt "dirty" when he realised he'd been a victim.

The Kaitaia lodge owner arrested for indecent assault is one of a string of cases for the region.
Source: 1 NEWS

The man doesn't blame New Zealand - pointing out that Harris is an Englishman anyway – and it's an unfortunate incident that could have happened anywhere.

In court, Harris, who drugged, indecently assaulted and photographed his young male guests, cried in court as he said sorry to his victims.

Harris will have to wait until the new year to learn his fate.

In total Harris pleaded guilty to 42 charges including 12 of stupefying tourists, one of attempting to stupefy a tourist, 15 of indecent assault and 14 charges of making and possessing intimate visual recordings of foreign guests in their underwear.

Harris was arrested in October 2014 after a guest went to the police.

A 56 year old man has been accused of drugging, indecently assaulting and filming male guests.
Source: 1 NEWS

There were 17 complainants - most were young male tourists from Europe who were longer-term guests and staying in his home.

The case made international headlines and police made a global appeal for victims to come forward.

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