Video: Stunned boaties treated to sight of 'massive' turtle blissfully floating north of Auckland

An Auckland woman, out fishing with her husband yesterday, was left a little stunned when they spotted a lazy guest bobbing in the water at Mangawhai Heads, north of Auckland.

Pippa Partington and her husband Craig were on the water about 10am yesterday when they thought they had spotted a capsized dinghy.

As they got closer it moved.

It was a leatherback turtle, lazing about in the harbour. It's a rare sighting as the species aren't known to be in the area.

Pippa whipped out her phone and started recording.

"You're massive, hello... oh my God, that is incredible," you can hear an excited Pippa saying behind the camera.

Pippa told 1 NEWS NOW the turtle looked like it was about 1.5 to two metres long, and its flippers looked like they were bigger than her forearm.

Leatherback turtles have been known to grow up to five metres long.

She said seeing the species in the Mangawhai Heads area was a rare thing. It hung about for as long as the boat was there, Pippa said.