Video: Striking aerial footage shows scale of SH1 repair effort to earthquake-ravaged Kaikoura coastline




Striking aerial footage of the huge scale of the damage caused to State Highway 1 in last year's Kaikoura earthquake has been captured by military helicopter.

Work and repairs are ongoing on State Highway 1 after numerous landslides and uplift.
Source: 1 NEWS

The footage was taken during an aerial tour of the repair effort on SH1 given to Minister of Finance Stephen Joyce and Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy.

Some owners says more financial assistance is needed as the massive roading rebuild continues.
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Ministers Joyce and Guy were meeting with earthquake-affected Kaikoura farmers this morning, as they announced $47 million was spent on Kaikoura SH1 repair work last month, and $3.5 million has been paid out to assist farmers get back on their feet.

"I think I'm pleased to report we're spending $47 million last month on that road [SH1]," Mr Joyce said.

The Finance Minister has reassured Kaikoura farmers more money was spend on clearing land slips than in any one month on the Waterview Connection.
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"That's actually more money in one month than was spent in any one month on the Waterview Connection for example, so it give you a bit of a sense of the run rate that's going on out there at the moment.

"You measure a community by how much they support communities when they are hit by shocks and sudden events that they have no control over.

"The community can't rely on the Government to do everything and you never can but most communities don't expect that, they just expect a helping hand when they need one."

Kaikoura farmers say they are pleased with the size of the Government's support package following last year's earthquakes.
Source: 1 NEWS

At ground level at the Kaikoura SH1 repair works, NZ Transport Agency’s Steve Mutton said there is only one final section of land slip they need to clear to reconnect the coastal SH1 Kaikoura section.

"We've got guys working here round the clock to clear these massive slips that have been here since the November earthquakes, we're currently getting the slopes stabilised so we can connect construction tracks north," Mr Mutton

"It's just this last slip that we need to clear. Once we can safely work under this we can then have a construction track around Ohau Point which means we have a construction track the length of the coastline here." 

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