Video: Starving, sun-drenched crayfish exposed on quake-ravaged beach raised up from the sea

The "devastating" toll Monday's huge Kaikoura earthquake has taken on marine life has come to the fore in footage showing crayfish left stranded on a beach uplifted by the quake.

Blenheim man Clayton Lindstrom says he saw "countless" crayfish stranded on what he says is a part of the seafloor uplifted by the 7.8 magnitude quake at Waipapa Bay near Clarence.

"There were 100 or so crays in a small area ... It's just devastating," Mr Lindstrom told 1 NEWS NOW.

Mr Lindstrom was checking on a boat with his brother when he realised "the whole seafloor had come out of the water".

His video filmed around midday on Monday, 12 hours after the quake, shows numerous crayfish left exposed in the sun, some seeking shelter under rocks.