Video: 'The Prime Minister will leave the chamber!' Key kicked out by Speaker

During a fractious Question Time in Parliament today Prime Minister John Key broke the rules by talking while Speaker David Carter was standing.

John Key was thrown out of Parliament over the Panama Papers row. Source: Parliament TV

Mr Key was attempting to defend his comments yesterday when he linked charities to foreign trusts in the wake of the Panama Papers scandal.

"I was shocked actually to find Greenpeace International on the database," Mr Key said yesterday in the House.

Greenpeace and Amnesty International have called on him to apologise and correct the record, but he has refused.

Key was defending his comments yesterday where he linked charities to foreign trusts. Source: Parliament TV

Greenpeace executive director Dr Russel Norman said the Prime Minister was wrong.

"He's got the wrong database and the wrong year," he told TVNZ's Breakfast today.

"He's basically besmirching the good names of these charities to help himself out of a political hotspot."

"He should apologise. What he did was wrong.

"In the process he threw mud at three charities which have nothing to do with it."

The last time a prime minister was ejected from parliament was in 2005 when Helen Clark interjected as National's Nick Smith was asking a question.

The former prime minister was booted when she interjected when Nick Smith was asking a question. Source: 1 NEWS

All questions must be heard by the House in silence, so Speaker Margaret Wilson was forced to ask Miss Clark to leave.

However, it is a very rare occurrence for a prime minister to be kicked out.