Video podcast: 'They've got all that energy' - 1 NEWS political team on Labour's long-awaited swearing in ceremony

It was out with the old and in with the new this week at parliament, and the 1NEWS political team say the vibe of Thursday's swearing in ceremony revolved around the fashionable cool of Jacinda Ardern.

Corin, Andrea and Jessica all agreed there was an unusual excitement to the typical government swearing in ceremonies. 

"It felt a bit cool, and it's not a cool thing to do - you know, it's very traditional," Jessica Mutch said.

"A little bit hipster eh, I agree with you," Corin Dann said.

"And I had a quick moment of thinking 'oh yeah she's definitely got a bit of a cool factor about her'.

"Like Key, people loved Key right, and he was a populist and a genius all that whole popularist politics, he really was, and he connected with people.

"But she has got a little bit of that hipster factor about her, and it looks like she's going to bring a little bit of that to her government."

The 1 NEWS team were also impressed with the composure which Ardern handled all the attention.

"Jolly what, Jacinda Ardern handles it pretty well doesn’t she, cool as a cucumber," Dann said.

"I did look at all those ministers... They've got all that energy, like that first day of school energy, where they've got this opportunity, all these people you've known for a long time in opposition battling away in the dark days, and all of a sudden they've got this chance."

Andrea Vance also explains why she had the US Ambassador trying to flee from her this week. Source: 1 NEWS