Video podcast: 'It's just unprecedented' - 1 NEWS reporters unravel Parliament's fractious first week




This week 1 NEWS political reporter Katie Bradford and 1 NEWS reporter Ryan Boswell look at the first week of a fractious new Parliament.

"What happened in the House, it's just unprecedented," Boswell said. 

Subheading: A weekly catch up with 1NEWS political reporter Katie Bradford and reporter Ryan Boswell.
Source: 1 NEWS

The pair go back to 1954 when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth opened Parliament for the first time and discuss the mine field of mining on conservation land.

The 1 NEWS political team discuss the new Government's ban on foreigners buying homes in New Zealand.
Source: 1 NEWS
The 1 NEWS political team look back at the cone of silence around the talks.
Source: 1 NEWS
Corin Dann and the 1 NEWS political team on how the week in politics echoes a very similar situation 2 decades ago.
Source: 1 NEWS

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