Video: Magical illuminating neon blue algae turns Auckland shoreline pink by day

Hibiscus Coast residents north of Auckland were left confused and amazed by algae transforming the coastline at Manly.

Cherry McComb was walking along the beach at Manly on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula at about 4pm yesterday when she noticed the shallows had turned a shade of pink.

After taking a video she uploaded it to a community Facebook group the next day to ask for help identifying the strange phenomenon. 

Magical bioluminescent algae lights up Auckland's Whangaparaoa coastline. Source: Kanav Mohindroo

It was soon discovered that the pink water was actually bioluminescent algae that had turned a magical neon blue.

According to Arizona State University School of Life Sciences, this type of algae lights up to startle or scare away its predators.