Video: 'Let's do this!' Jacinda issues war cry and MPs rise in standing ovation as first caucus meeting begins

Jacinda Ardern has entered Labour Party caucus for the first time as Prime Minister-elect to a barrage of applause and cheers from her Labour colleagues.

Media were allowed to film the opening minutes before Jacinda started dishing out ministerial portfolios. Source: 1 NEWS

Not wishing to bask in the appreciation for too long, Ms Ardern got the caucus to sit as she said a few words before media questions.

"Obviously the result for us was somewhat delayed," she opened with generating a few laughs from the room.

Jacinda Ardern talks to Breakfast just hours after finding out she had been propelled into power. Source: Breakfast

"For us the negotiation period was a chance for us to build a common ground with those same parties that also campaigned for change.

"Labour remains a party that at its core is based on making sure we defend the rights of workers.

"In these negotiations, through this period we've stayed true to who we are, and we have found allies in this parliament who want to join with us in building a fairer New Zealand. 

"I believe this will be a government of change.

"We want to show that we've earnt that responsibility."

The PM-elect also praised the trust the wider Labour Party had in the negotiation team the last 12 days.

"It's extraordinary that thorough those period of negotiations not once did I get a message 'what's going on'," she said to laughter. 

"The team was right there behind us."

"And now let’s do this," the PM-elect ended with to another standing ovation from her colleagues.

Bill English has also been at Parliament today, doing the rounds to thank his MPs for all their hard work during the campaign.

Not a job he would have wanted to be doing, but he has impressed all by the class he has shown in defeat.

Winston Peters has thrown his support behind a Labour-led government with Jacinda Ardern as PM. Source: 1 NEWS