Video: Labour all smiles after 30-minute NZ First coalition negotiation - despite hiccup with automatic door




Labour Party delegates have met with the NZ First delegates on the first day of face-to-face coalition negotiations at parliament.

Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern and her delegates were briefly held up by a door as they hurried away from the meeting without answering media questions.
Source: 1 NEWS

Labour's negotiating team, led by leader Jacinda Ardern and deputy leader Kelvin Davis and including finance spokesperson Grant Robertson, former deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen and former Helen Clark advisor Mike Munro, entered a meeting with Winston Peters and his delegates at 2pm after left about 25 minutes afterwards.

On the way out, the Labour delegates were briefly stuck behind an automatic door, which refused to open until Mr Robertson physically pushed it, much to the amusement of watching media.

Mr Peters earlier also had his first face-to-face meet up with the National Party, which he said went "well".

Mr English wasn't taking it personally, however, saying it was to be expected give Mr Peters' earlier comments.

Source: 1 NEWS

The meeting lasted for a brief 30 minutes, starting at 10am in Wellington today.

A National negotiation team including leader Bill English, finance spokesperson Steven Joyce, trade spokesperson Todd McLay, foreign affairs spokesperson Gerry Brownlee and National's most senior adviser and outgoing chief of staff to the Prime Minster Wayne Eagleson met with the New Zealand First team.

Mr Peters' team included MPs Ron Mark and Tracey Martin, chief of staff David Broome and adviser Paul Carrad.  

It is the first official coalition negotiations between either of the major parties and New Zealand First since Winston Peters was given the king or queen-making role to form a government following the September 23 general election.

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