Video: 'I know I only got home because of the support from NZ' - terminally-ill prisoner's heartfelt thank you



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She may battling cancer, but Vicki Letele hasn't forgotten the thousands who campaigned to have her released from prison.

Vicki Letele talks to Sunday having beenreleased from prison on compassionate grounds
Source: Sunday

On November 10, terminally ill Vicki was released on compassionate grounds after doctors diagnosed her with terminal cancer.

The 36-year-old mother of three was serving a sentence of three years and two months for mortgage fraud.

"I've been given only six months to live," she told TVNZ's Sunday.

Vicki's family had been pressing for her to be released from jail to spend her final months surrounded by friends and family.

She was "heartbroken" when Corrections opposed her application for compassionate leave.

The Breakfast panel debate the case of Vicki Letele, who is seeking an early release so she can spend her final months at home.
Source: Breakfast

But she was released from Wiri Women's Prison after a public outcry.

Vicki plans to spend her remaining days with her family.

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