Video: Jacinda Ardern labels Bill English 'confused' as pair argue over government's internal disagreement around benefit sanctions

National have continued to jump on the coalition government's differing opinions on benefit sanctions today as National Party leader Bill English persistently questioned Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern over the issue. 

It comes after NZ First MP Shane Jones announced his proposal for Work-for-the-Dole which would force unemployed youth into work, however the Green Party are against using benefit sanctions. 

Today in Parliament Jacinda Ardern said sanctions will always be part of New Zealand's benefit system and they are not proposing to change that principle. 

"I have acknowledged benefits have long been a part of the benefit system. This is a government focused on getting young people getting into work."

Bill English asked if young people should have an obligation to take a job and if not, should they be sanctioned. 

"The focus for us is not neglecting the 70,000 young people not in employment, education or training," Ms Ardern said. 

"We want to focus on giving them jobs and hope." She later labelled Mr English as "confused".  

Mr English asked if NZ First's Work-for-the-Dole scheme would work if there were no sanctions for people who refused to work. 

"What won't work is trying to explain to this country the use of excessive sanctions when there are no jobs, which was the case under that government," Ms Ardern said as the House erupted into shouting.