Video: Jacinda Ardern jokes about not having a personal life to captivated Nelson College for Girls students




Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern has tackled some tough question while visiting Nelson College for Girls today.

The Labour leader was asked some personal questions while speaking to students at Nelson College for Girls.
Source: 1 NEWS

After a motivational speech to the Nelson high school students on following their dream careers, the Labour leader opened the floor for questions.

From her stance on marijuana, taxing sugary drinks to taking tax off sanitary products, the students came prepared to ask Ms Ardern the hard questions.

Nothing was off the table for Ms Ardern and the girls weren't afraid to ask her right off the bat how her personal life has been affected by her rise to power.

"It's actually really easy to deal with that one. Don't have one," joked Ms Ardern.

"That's OK, because what an enormous opportunity I have and it's all worth it.

Ms Ardern says her mum has come back from overseas to support her on the campaign trail.
Source: 1 NEWS

"I absolutely have no regrets about what I’m doing right now. This is a phenomenal opportunity and with any luck I'm just going to get busier."

Ms Ardern then went on to joke she'd catch up with her partner Clarke Gayford when he joins her on the campaign trail next week.

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