Video: Incredible 360 degree view inside ruins of Christchurch's Catholic Basilica




A fearless photographer has pieced together an incredible collage that gives a 360 degree view from within Christchurch's quake-ruined Catholic Basilica.

Photographer Glen Howey pieced together this incredible collage.
Source: Seven Sharp

Glen Howey's work opens up the church from the inside out and gives those who view it an experience of history.

"I've managed to sit on the outside of the building and watch the sun set on one of my visits and although people from the street kind of noticed this strange man in orange sitting on the edge of a four story window, no one seemed to care," said Howey.

Howey isn't strictly allowed inside the building but says taking the risk is worth it.

"Initially it took my breathe away, when I first went in, it floored me because I was standing in an unseen history," he said.

"It's history and if we don't get to see that, that's a loss, that's a tragedy so, maybe it's the greater good."

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