Video: 'Inciting violence, verging on hate speech' - Baptist leader, Human Rights boss slam Auckland pastor's 'shameful' sermon




A West Auckland pastor who gave a fiery sermon about Jacinda Ardern and said homosexuals should be shot has been slammed for his "hate speech".

In a video posted on Facebook back in July, pastor Logan Robertson from Westcity Baptist Church - formally known as the Old Paths Baptist - said he thought gay people should be shot.

"My view on homo marriage is that the bible never mentions it so I’m not against them getting married as long as a bullet goes through their head the moment they kiss.

"Because that's what it talks about. Not about homo marriage but homo death.

"That's what should happen."

Speaking to the NZ Herald Reverend Helen Jacobi from St Matthew in the City church said the video was "inciting violence, verging on hate speech and verging on criminal behaviour".

"Jesus in particular said that he came to not live by those old laws but to bring a new law which is a law of love. So it's hard to see how that could be biblical."

Human Rights Commissioner Dr Jacki Blue told the NZ Herald she thought the pastor's video was "hateful".

"Those who preach hate and violence are out of touch with everything it means to be a New Zealander. We pride ourselves on defending human rights," Dr Blue said.

"To use this language is not only hateful and shameful, it is un-Kiwi and has no place here."

The New Zealand Baptist Union’s national leader Reverend Craig Vernall has also condemned Robertson's comments.

He says he became aware of Robertson’s church when it started back in 2014 with only four to five people in the congregation.

It's not known how many people attend his church but the Facebook page has nearly 1,300 likes.

When approached by the NZ Herald for comment, Robertson says he hadn’t called for anyone in his church to shoot anyone he was just quoting the Bible.

"I'm not inciting vigilantes. It's got nothing to do with me – they could read that verse in the Bible."

Robertson didn't deny his sermon was hate speech.

"Of course it is. Does it sound like hate speech to you?

"If the world thinks that's hate speech than that's fine."

This isn't the first time Robertson has gained media attention.

In 2014 a letter he wrote to a gay man saying he was praying he would “commit suicide” went viral.

Don't vote for Jacinda Ardern

In another video posted on the church’s Facebook page from a sermon on Sunday, Robertson told his congregation not to vote for Labour leader Jacinda Ardern because she was a woman.

"Definitely don’t vote for Jacinda.

"I don't vote. I don’t let my wife vote. I don't believe in voting.

"She needs to shut up and go home and get in the kitchen where women belong and make a cake for her boyfriends. That's where she needs to be."

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