Video: 'In the name of love and peace, kia ora Aotearoa' – Kiwi MP departs for Gaza peace flotilla



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Green Party MP Marama Davidson recorded a heartfelt video as she began her epic journey from Auckland to join a women's peace boat that will highlight the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Ms Davidson left Auckland last night where she will travel fly to Dubai, then to Rome before making her way to Sicily where she'll travel over the Mediterranean Sea to the shores of the Middle East where she'll join a women's peace boat off Gaza.

"I'm deeply privileged to be part of the women's boat to Gaza to challenge the Israeli blockade by seas, a blockade that's been part of creating a humanitarian crisis in Gaza," Ms Davidson said from her aircraft seat last night.

"This is my role to uphold the Green Party's longstanding kaupapa for peace and justice.

"It is also a longstanding kaupapa of my people, my tipuna. I am deeply privileged to be leaving right now."

The Green Party, citing the United Nations, said Israel has blockaded the Gaza strip by land, sea, and air since 2006, bringing a decrease in living standards and health services.

Israel maintains the blockade is necessary to prevent rocket attacks into its territory, believing the blockade prevents the militant Palestinian group Hamas obtaining weapons, according to Middle East Monitor.

The Greens are calling for a lifting of the blockade and for essential supplies to be delivered to Gaza's population.

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