Video: 'I'm committed to jandals and bush shirt' - Kiwi star How to Dad keeps it real on New York red carpet with epic NZ get-up




This is how you keep it real on the red carpet, even when it's a world movie premiere in New York.

Kiwi vlogger How To DAD, aka Jordan Watson, graced the red carpet in the Big Apple today for the premiere of animated American film Boss Baby.

He donned what you might call a quintessential Kiwi get-up: jandals, bush shirt and stubby shorts.

He and his daughter Alba strutted along the carpet this morning (NZ time) in front of an army of paparazzi photographers.

Jordan Watson’s videos featuring his baby have amassed millions of views – but that doesn’t mean they’re netting him dollars.
Source: Seven Sharp

Mr Watson Facebook Lived his red carpet debut, telling his audience "it was cold" in New York.

The video has so far had more than 3000 likes.

His How To DAD Facebook page has more than 1.2 million followers.

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