Video: HMNZS Endeavour welcomed to port for final time with thunderous haka from shore – before crew reply with challenge of their own

The HMNZS Endeavour has been welcomed home for the final time.

After 30 years of service across many seas, she's retiring.

The navy ship has just docked at Devonport naval base after returning from Southeast Asia and farewell celebrations are now underway.

The Navy ship is retiring from service after 30 years at sea. Source: 1 NEWS

Anchoring in the Bay of Islands yesterday, the ship was even greeted by some dolphins along the way as she headed south.

The Endeavour's being replaced by HMNZS Aotearoa, the navy's largest ever ship, which is currently being built at a cost of just under half a billion dollars.

HMNZS Endeavour today returned from its last major deployment. Source: 1 NEWS


Cantabrians split on whether quake-damaged Christ Church Cathedral should be restored

The Anglican Church commissioned the survey, which overwhelmingly showed people want action. Source: 1 NEWS


Police prosecutor was strongly against teenager's killer being let out on bail before attack

A police prosecutor has told an inquest he strongly opposed Christie Marceau's killer being granted bail. 

Christie Marceau was stabbed to death in 2011 by Akshay Chand. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Pell was on duty at the North Shore District Court on September 9 2011 when Justice Barbara Morris denied bail.

Mr Pell said Akshay Chand was remanded in custody on September 29, 2011, with the bail application adjourned so it could be placed before Judge McNaughton at a later date.

Mr Pell then personally requested the transcript of Justice Morris's direction earlier in the month because he wanted to be certain she had declined bail and that she had, in fact, ordered a transcript of her decision be sent to police.

The 18-year-old's killer was on bail when he fatally stabbed her to death in 2011. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Pell said he was still waiting for the direction on September 29 even though Justice Morris had issued it on September 9, 2011.

On September 30, Mr Pell emailed the officer in charge, Detective Aaron Iremonger, to advise what had happened in court the day before.

Mr Pell also asked Detective Iremonger to compile a transcript of Akshay Chand's police interview together with other relevant statements for presentation to the Judge at Chand's next appearance on October 5.

Mr Pell said in his view the additional documents were part of on-going police opposition to Chand getting bail.

Mr Pell said the collated information was handed to the court registrar prior to the hearing before Judge McNaughton and within minutes it was returned.

At some point after the hearing, Mr Pell said Judge McNaughton had granted bail.

Mr Pell said about a month later, the Area Commander of North Shore Police arrived at the Prosecutions Section and told the staff Ms Marceau had been killed that morning.

Mr Pell said that in preparation for testifying at the inquest he has reviewed all his emails and that despite his requests, no transcript of Justice Morris's direction was provided to him or police until Christie Marceau was dead.

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