Video: High risk sex offender tries to hide his face as he appears in court


A new charge for breaching strict release conditions has been introduced at the sentencing of high risk sex offender Darren Jolly – which brings the total number of charges to 16 since the order was imposed in 2011.

Darren Jolly has over a 100 convictions, with his latest offending removing his electronic bracelet.
Source: 1 NEWS

Jolly, 51, removed his electronic bracelet and absconded from the Nelson area on Boxing Day 2016.

It's the 19th time he has breached his extended supervision order conditions since they were put in place in Hamilton in 2011.

Darren Jolly removed his electronic bracelet and absconded from the Nelson area on Boxing Day 2016.
Source: 1 NEWS

Today a new charge was introduced, involving Jolly approaching a person under the age of 16 in December 2016. He has pleaded guilty to that fresh charge.

Jolly stood in the dock at the Christchurch District Court with his hand shielding his face from media, and was holding a book in one hand as the hearing got underway.

Jolly has more than 110 convictions for under age sex, indecent sex acts, fraud, theft, assault and dangerous driving over a period of thirty years.

His defence lawyer Rupert Ward has said prison is inevitable, it's just the duration that is to be considered.

"The issue Mr Jolly faces is he has borderline cognitive function, he is a very stressed individual who hasn't offended in a sexual way since 2004, so the charges for which he is pulled through the courts are historic," Mr Ward said.

Mr Ward describes his client as his own worst enemy.

Jolly has completed the Kia Marama programme for convicted sex-offenders.

Judge Paul Kellar, in sentencing him for the two latest breaches to his extended supervision order, detailed his psychological status including high anxiety levels and a reading age of an eight year old.

He has eight prior convictions for sexual offending against teenage females and a Corrections report says he poses a high risk of re-offending.

He has been sentenced to two concurrent terms of one year and one month in jail.

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