Video: Heard the one about red kiwifruit? It could be New Zealand's next big thing


A new red kiwifruit could be on the horizon, as New Zealand's biggest kiwifruit producer celebrates its 20th birthday. 

Zespri is celebrating 20 years in the fruit trade, but is aiming to stay competitive by expanding what it grows.
Source: 1 NEWS

It is the next big thing, alongside a sweeter green kiwifruit.

It coincides with Zespri's plans to stay competitive by expanding what and where it grows.

Zespri has a sales target of almost $5 billion a year by 2025.

It also has licensed growers from France, Italy, Japan and Korea when the fruit cannot be grown in New Zealand.

However biosecurity is the biggest threat to New Zealand's kiwifruit industry for the next 20 years, says grower Jeff Roderick.

"Pre PSA, gold blocks were worth $400,000 a hectare. PSA hit and they dropped to $40,000 and now sales are plus $800,000 a hectare," he said.

The brown marmorated stink bug also poses a threat.

"I think there were three interceptions in the past month, and once that gets in here it's going to impact not just growers but it's going to affect backyard orchardists. People's back gardens," Mr Roderick said.

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