Video: First look at Christchurch Adventure Park damage after devastating Port Hills fires


Last month's Port Hills fires have left significant damage at Christchurch Adventure Park, a walk-through of the multi-million dollar facility has revealed.

Park spokesperson Anne Newman said while tree and rockfall damage is stopping staff accessing some areas to determine the complete scale of destruction, about two thirds of the 900-acre park has been affected by fire.

About two thirds of the 900-acre park has been affected by fire.
Source: 1 NEWS

"It's going to be a long road ahead... it's not going to be weeks," she said.

"It's quite steep, so to actually get round there, there's going to be a big logging operation... that's going to have to take place before we can even look at trails or ziplines or looking at the chairlift."

Ms Newman described the fire as one of the park's "worst nightmares," hitting the park eight weeks after it opened, during which there had been an "amazing" response from the public.

"Actually having to pick our feet up again and start all over again is quite devastating," she said, with the park's construction last year taking eight months.

She said the work firefighters put in to stop the blaze entering the park's village was an incredible effort, with flames getting very close.

The park remains a dangerous place, she said, with rockfall damage and trees that could fall at any moment from fire damage, if they haven't already.

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