Video: Fired for playing chicken on Tegel conveyor belt

Two young men say they have been fired from their jobs at a chicken factory in New Plymouth after posting a video of themselves riding the conveyor belt.

A former employee claims he was fired after being reported for this video.

Kaleb Parkinson posted a video on his Facebook page of his co-worker riding the conveyor belt while the machinery was undergoing maintenance.

After Tegel Foods caught wind of the incident, both men were dismissed, the Taranaki Daily News reported.

Mr Parkinson, 21, said the machines in the factory broke down and they were told to sit tight while engineers assessed the problem.

"We decided to let off some steam, so I got my cellphone out of my locker and recorded my workmate riding a conveyor belt," he said. "It was just a bit of silly fun."

Parkinson and his colleague were dismissed for failure to comply with health and safety, acting dishonestly and misconduct, he said.

The pair were caught after someone who saw the video on Facebook reported the incident.

The Taranaki Daily News reported that Parkinson had worked at Tegel on and off for more than three years.

Parkinson didn't appear to be too gutted, posting on his Facebook page that he's all good, he just needs to "sus anotha job".

In response, Tegel Human Resources manager Evelyn Davis said safety was the company's primary concern.

"We take employees' safety very carefully and we take food safety very carefully," she said.