Video: 'Everyone deserves a home!' Protesters march on The Block NZ's open homes

Protesters of Auckland's housing affordability crisis have turned up at New Zealand reality television show The Block NZ's open homes to voice their concerns about what the show represents - flipping houses for the capital gains.

With a red banner brandishing the words, 'housing is a right. People before profit. Housing action now!' the protesters arrived at the homes in the Auckland suburb of Meadowlands.

"The Block represents all that's wrong with the current situation in Auckland," Hamish Hutchinson told Newshub.

"Their focus is about profiteering and making money off homes, which I think is part of the reason there's a housing crisis. We should be making homes instead of seeing houses for profit."

Organisers of The Block aren't "exactly thrilled" by the arrival of the protesters one witness said as they were stopped at a make shift barricade on St Johns Road.

The final for the show, which will see the homes auctioned off to find an overall winner, will take place this week.