Video: Elderly Kiwi bloke faces off with Rex the bull using just a water bottle for protection

When Rex the bull got over-inquisitive about a white ute parked on an East Cape farm on Saturday, an 81-year-old man gave the beast a run for its money.

The ute belongs to Whetu Konia who was down from Auckland with his two sons, visiting a cemetery next to a farm at Tikitiki with his father Mac.

Video filmed by Mr Konia shows Mac, who turned 81 that day, enter the farm paddock and try and shoo the bull away from the ute.

"Get out. It's going to kill him. It's mad," Mr Konia can be heard shouting at his fearless father across the fence as he becomes concerned about the situation.

"The bull followed our ute," Mr Konia told ONE News Now.

"Next minute my old man tried the shoo it away from the ute and it escalated from there."

But Mac, who was brought up on a farm, wasn't going to back down from a bull.

He threw a plastic bottle at it, chased it away from the ute and stared the animal down while standing only metres away from it.

The tete-a-tete with the bull ended peacefully with Mr Konia saying his father "came back in the gate and the bull wandered off".

Later on the farmer who owns the bull told Mr Konia that "Rex" was "just playing ... having a laugh at our expense".

Posted on Facebook last night, the video has been viewed more than 90,000 times as of this morning.